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Sunset over the river at the dock in Sebasstian Florida

Sunrise over Indian River

Micco Florida

hood ornament classic Chavrolet hood woman's bust

Classic Chevrolet

Hood Ornament

Moon set over St. Sebastian River

Sebastian, Florida




Family day at the beach rough seas high tide rip current big waves

Family day at the beach

Four horses in a field with fence, grey horse, tan horse, two brown horses in pasture

Picture of four horses in a field with fence

Rustic old red barn with grey weathered barboard and concrete silo

Rustic old red barn

Photo of horse lying in field of grass, drown horse, brown and white horse

Photo of horse lying in field of grass


Barn and tree beside stream

kid surfing surfer boy on surf board

What eye see is what you get

Photos by Don

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Ah, Digital Cameras, today's cameras and photographic equipment make taking pictures so much easier and cheaper than ever before. Now I have a Nikon 8800 digital camera after using film cameras like my old Minolta Maxxum 7000I or my older Konica Autoreflex T. or my even older Minolta SRT101.


It's great to just flip out a full memory card from a digital camera or camcorder and insert a new one and keep on shooting quickly for free instead of reloading a new roll of film waiting for the roll to finish to get it in for processing waiting for the processing only to be disappointed that you paid to process pictures that you didn't like.


It's so cool now to just shoot anything anytime and just delete it if it's no good.


There are really great digital cameras and camcorders out there now so affordable and with so many great features. Cannon, Olympus, Nikon, Minolta even Kodak all have great lines of digital cameras in addition to a few good film cameras still in production.


Photography has never been as easy or as cheap as it is today.



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