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Respect the hazards of handling propane and learn the proper procedures

  Cylinders should be exchanged in a well ventilated location.



  Ensure there is no source of ignition within 3 meters (10 ft).



  Gloves and eye protection should be worn. 




 Safe Propane Handling



  Remove straps or clamps holding cylinder in place.



  Lift the valve end of the cylinder up from the alignment pin.  


  Return empty cylinder to outside propane storage cabinet.



  Ensure that cylinder storage remains reasonably secure against theft or tampering.

  Place full cylinder onto bracket with alignment hole down.



  Ensure alignment pin lines up with alignment hole.



  Hand tighten female coupling adaptor onto cylinder.



  Slowly open valve. Valve must be fully open.



  Avoid contact with propane. Exposure to skin can cause frostbite.


  Check for leaks using soapy water or liquid leak detector.



  Smell - look - listen