Animated forklift raising forks with empty skid - Forklift Safety Awareness

Factors Contributing to Forklift Accidents




Forklift Safety Basics


Circle Check


Stability Triangle


Lifting and Moving


Pedestrian Safety


Traveling On Inclines


Loading Trucks


Forklift Accidents


Handling Propane


Legal Issues






Operate industrial lift equipment as if it could kill, it does!

Behavioural / Operational Factors

  Excessive speed


  Lack of worker training. 


  Improper vehicle restraints on trucks and trailers.


  Inadequate servicing of the forklift 


  Improper backing, turning, braking.


  Improperly parking the forklift. 


Forklift Accidents


  Walking and working in the general area of forklift operations. 


  Poor communication during shared tasks, or in shared spaces.


  Improper warnings to others of forklift presence.


  Allowing passengers on the forklift or load.


  Non-acceptable behaviours, horseplay, showing off

Never take safety for granted, accidents can happen anywhere, anytime.


Characteristics of the Workplace


  Narrow, crowded, or cluttered aisles.


  Intersections and doorways.


  Concentrations of traffic.


  Type of materials being stored or moved. 


  Visibility restrictions and obstructions


  Lighting conditions, shadows and glare


  Condition of loading dock.


  Ramps, inclines or different surface conditions.


  Potholes or obstacles on the ground


  Other factors - noise, odours, toxic gases, dust.


Know your work area, learn the hazards

Operational Systems


  Production factors - speed, stress, lack of proper attachments or accessories 


  Policies and procedures


  Age of forklifts.


  Maintenance program.



Characteristics of the Load


  Poor palletizing.


  Damaged Skids.


  Load too heavy.


  Load unstable.


  Load blocking vision.

Never try to move an unstable load, fix it first!